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NMS Donated One Million Yuan to Support Hubei and Jiangxi in Fighting against COVID-19


COVID-19 has been spreading across the country and exerting significant influence on the normal production and living at present. The severe situation tugs at the heartstrings of millions of people, as well as the management and employees of NMS. On Jan 31, NMS donated 1 million yuan, of which half the donation was contributed to Hubei Red Cross and another half to Nanchang Red Cross for the prevention and control of COVID-19, demonstrating corporate social responsibility through this practical action.    

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, NMS has studied and implemented the important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping earnestly, paid close attention to the epidemic dynamics and screened employees from Hubei and those who had contact with them carefully. In the meanwhile, NMS, actively engaged in and supporting epidemic prevention and control, has publicized preventive measures against COVID-19 through employee and company WeChat groups and spared no effort to provide logistical support.     

In the face of the severe epidemic situation, NMS has also set up a “Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command Center” specially with President Li Shunshan as the chief commander and General Manger Gong Youliang as the executive commander to deploy company’s epidemic prevention and control work with detailed practical plans and careful resource staffing and further implement the daily screening system in company’s factories, dormitories and canteens. NMS keeps close cooperation with the local Party committee and government to ensure effective joint prevention and control work and demonstrate company’s sense of social responsibility. NMS always puts the safety and health of employees first. During this particular period, NMS has called upon employees to make concerted efforts to fight against COVID-19, extended the 2020 Spring Festival holiday for employees and organized employees to comply with home quarantine. 

As the old saying goes, one in trouble, all will help. NMS will keep a close eye on the epidemic situation and cooperate with all sectors of the society to win the battle against COVID-19!

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