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An Open Letter to Customers: about Apologizing for Delayed Production and Delivery


Dear customers:

At present, the situation of COVID-19 has entered a relatively serious and complicated period, and an arduous epidemic prevention and control fight is underway across the country. As a company with a strong ense of social responsibility and mission, NMS takes ensuring the life, health and safety of customers and employees as its primary task, actively responds to the call of the national and Jiangxi provincial government, and earnestly completes the epidemic prevention and control work. The relevant work arrangements are hereby announced as follows:  

Ⅰ. NMS strictly abides by the decision of the country and Jiangxi Province to delay the resumption of work and extend the Spring Festival holiday.

Ⅱ. NMS has set up an Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Command Center specially, with Chairman Li Shunshan as the chief commander and General Manger Gong Youliang as the executive deputy commander to deploy company’s epidemic prevention and control work with detailed practical plans and careful resource staffing.

Ⅲ. Influenced by the delayed resumption of work and production of the company itself, the delayed resumption of work and production of upstream and downstream suppliers, the implementation of access control in many cities, the shutdown of logistics and other factors, delivery dates of NMS products and project construction periods will be delayed. Please forgive us for any inconvenience.

Ⅳ. We will work overtime after resuming work, complete each order with good quality and right quantity, and deliver the goods as soon as possible to meet the demands and minimize the losses of customers.

Ⅴ. At present, we have set up an emergency hotline for customers: Mr.Wu Guoliang 135-7612-9386, in order to meet the needs of customers. Please call us for any detailed information and thanks for understanding.

Winter has passed and spring has come!

Chinese people will eventually overcome the pandemic.

The spring breeze kisses our faces and the spring flowers bloom luxuriantly.

NMS is continuously working with you and cheering on Wuhan and China!


Nanchang Mineral Systems Co, Ltd


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