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NMS Initiated 2020 Employee Annual Study Tour at the Beginning of New Year


On New Year’s Day of 2020, NMS organized the “Second NMS Outstanding Employee Study&Tour” and selected outstanding Party members and employees from various departments and workshops to participate. NMS study tour included visiting corporates as well as historical and cultural attractions, integrating contents of both “study” and “tour” with an aim of motivating our talents to learn from others’ advantages and make greater contributions to the company and the society. 

Figure 1: Group Photo at Departure

The first stop was the site of the mining project in Fuping, Shanxi of Shanxi Coal Chemical and New Material Group Co., Ltd. NMS has provided main equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, grizzly feeder, vibration screen, etc. to this project. Since Fuping Project started one year ago, the equipment has been adapted to the local operation environment well and running stably. The output also meets the designed output. Our customer is highly satisfied with the technology, equipment and after-sales service. NMS study&tour group visited the project site, exchanged opinions, and learned how to speed up the construction of environmental-friendly mines, improve the project capacity, optimize the product quality and effectively facilitate the implementation of basic projects for people’s livelihood.


Figure 2: Group Photo at Fuping Project Site

Next was a historical and cultural tour to Xi’an. The study &tour group visited many historical sites including the Terracotta Warriors known as the “eighth wonder of the world”. The historical and cultural tour broadened our horizon, strengthened our comprehension of the development of the Chinese nation and deeply realized the strength and wisdom of the Chinese people. We also need to pay the diligence, enthusiasm and wisdom no less than what the ancients paid.


Xi’an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, the core area of the “belt and road”, an important central city in western China, and a significant scientific, educational and industrial base of the country. During the construction of “the belt and road”, NMS has actively responded to the government’s call, vigorously expanded overseas markets, and successively set up overseas branches in Russia, India, South Africa and Malaysia along the “belt and road”. Our partners are all over Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Through this study tour, the members have gained a deeper understanding and perception of NMS vision

Model of happiness enterprises: The greater NMS becomes, the more it needs to be a “happy family”. The ” happiness enterprise” in consciousness is embodied in the unity of heart and mind of all the staff of NMS. The “happiness enterprise” in behavior is reflected in the close cooperation and joint efforts of everyone.

Quality benchmark of industry: Quality is the foundation of NMS. NMS always focuses on customer needs, faces up to global competitions, obsesses great courage in innovation and transformation, and constantly reviews and enhances its own value with market results and customer satisfaction. Innovation is an important indicator of the core competitiveness of NMS. Only innovation can gather all the source of strength and form differentiated competitive advantages.

International well-known brand: Brand is the pass for NMS to reach the ideal shore. we should expand the brand awareness of NMS not only in the domestic market but also overseas market so as to work together and make achievements.

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