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NMS Reaches Strategic Cooperation with SINOMITI to Push the New Process of Intelligent Manufacturing Together


On March 8, Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NMS”) held a grand kick-off meeting of intelligent manufacturing consulting and planning project. At the meeting, NMS signed the strategic cooperation agreement with SINOMACH Intelligence Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “SINOMITI”), marking the official launch of intelligent manufacturing consulting planning project, which will lay a solid foundation for NMS to realize intelligent transformation and continuously move towards high-quality development. SINOMITI General Manager Gao Yunpeng, Deputy Chief Engineers Wang Tao and Lin Qing, NMS Chairman Li Shunshan and President Gong Youliang attended the meeting.

NMS President Gong Youliang (on the right)

President Gong said that since 2013, NMS had launched a number of IT projects, but the main purpose was to solve the current problems and lack of unified planning. This planning project influenced the long-term development of NMS. We hoped that through implementation of the project, the intelligent planning ideas would be clear, which would provide support for internal operation and management of the enterprise. We hoped that the enterprise would step into a new development height under the guidance of planning.

SINOMITI General Manager Gao Yunpeng

General Manager Gao said that this year was the first year of China’s 14th five-year plan. Our country had put high-end, intelligent and green traditional industry in an important position of industrial transformation and upgrading. The intelligent manufacturing project launched today was in line with national industrial policy, and had grasped the opportunity of taking advantage of the situation and leaping development. Digital technology had gained considerable accumulation and development since 2015 when the country issued “made in China 2025”. Now, NMS is doing intelligent manufacturing and is definitely going to achieve higher results.

He stressed that in the next few months, SINOMITI team intelligent project team would work hard to do a good job in consulting and planning, submit a high-quality blueprint for intelligent manufacturing planning, and contribute to the great leap forward development of NMS in the new era.

NMS Chairman Li Shunshan

Chairman Li praised the consulting and planning project in his speech. He mentioned that from the current competitive situation, the intelligent manufacturing vigorously promoted by the country was of great help to enhance the competitiveness. In order to win in the international stage, it is inevitable for enterprise to develop intelligent manufacturing. In the past 50 years, although the brand awareness and influence of NMS in the industry had improved, the strategic planning of enterprise needed to change with the times, and the enterprise still had the room to develop. The transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, operation and maintenance service would effectively improve quality and production efficiency of products and reduce labor cost. To sum up, the importance of planning was obvious. All staff of NMS would ensure that their thoughts and actions were ready, actively raise the problems, cooperate with promotion of the project, and help the enterprise improve its market competitiveness continuously.

SINOMACH Intelligence Technology Research Institute is a high-end R&D organization in the intelligent manufacturing field of the group, formerly the Central Research Institute of the group. SINOMACH, formerly the Ministry of Machinery Industry, now is the world’s top 500 enterprises (ranked 281). With the mission of “intelligence changes manufacturing”, SINOMITI is the first professional institute in China to participate in intelligent manufacturing, which can also be called the national team of intelligent manufacturing.

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