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“Fighting against Epidemic” and “Manufacturing” in Both Hands – Secretary of Wanli District CPC Committee Yu Lishan Visited NMS


On the morning of February 23, 2020, Yu Lishan, Secretary of Wanli District CPC Committee of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province and Chief Commander of Wanli District Epidemic Prevention and control Emergency Headquarters, visited NMS, requiring that the company should resume production on the premise of safety and epidemic prevention. Li Chuanqiang, Director of Wanli District NPC Standing Committee, Deng Feng, Executive Deputy Chief of Wanli District Government, and Tu Ye, Deputy Director of Meiling Scenic Area Management Committee inspected the company together, accompanied by Luo Sihe, Secretary of NMS CPC Branch.

In the production workshop of NMS, workers worked orderly and busily at their respective workplace in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control regulations, from parts manufacturing to assembly inspection.

Figure 1: A Capture of the Busy Workshop


Secretary Yu Lishan carefully listened to the situation of corporate epidemic prevention and control, technology research and development, product sales, and etc. He affirmed the company’s detailed measures to prevent and control COVID-19, innovative research and development to seize the market, and said: We should continue to make efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, adhere to the principle of “fighting against the epidemic” and “manufacturing” at the same time, resume production in a safe and orderly manner, and make overall plans to promote the stable and healthy development of the local society and economy.

Figure 2: Secretary of Wanli District CPC Committee Yu Lishan Visited NMS


Since the formal and orderly resumption of work on February 18, NMS has taken plentiful measures in the supply of supporting parts, the passage of logistics vehicles, the registration and observation of employees returning to work, and has combined the relevant systems formulated before the resumption of work with actual actions to strictly, thoroughly and meticulously do a good job in the prevention and control of epidemic situation and safety in production, so as to ensure the orderly progress of production.

NMS requires employees to wear masks except during meals and conduct strict body temperature tests and records three times a day. NMS also disinfects every area in the company and every vehicle entering and leaving the company every day without sparing any corner, to ensure that the disinfection and protection work is in place and effective. Packing and off-peak dinning is carried out, and the dining staff are separated strictly according with the distance of 3 meters. NMS strives to build up the epidemic prevention defense line in the factory area through various meticulous and strict measures so as to resolutely prevent the spread of the virus.


It is reported that NMS is the first enterprise in Wanli District that has obtained the approval to resume work and production, with the current recovery capacity reaching 45%. We will do the same planning, arrangement and landing for the prevention and control of the epidemic and the resumption of production. We will meet the market demand while promoting the steady development of the regional economy and jointly win the battle against the epidemic.

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