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The Luquan Sand Making Plant Project of Huaxin Cement


Project Name:  The Luquan Sand Making Plant Project of Huaxin Cement

Location: Luquan, Yunnan, China

Mine: Limestone

Capacity: 180 t/h

Use of Finished Products: 0-5mm fine sand

Main Equipment: A sand making plant (Composed by one VS impact crusher, one VSD impact crusher, two HFS high frequency screen, and a set of deduster system)

About the Project

The trial production with loads began in July 2020.

This is not the first cooperation between Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd. and Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd. In many aggregate projects in Hubei and Tibet, Nanchang Mineral Systems provided Huaxin Cement with complete sets of crushing and screening equipment, which has been operating perfectly and affirmed by Huaxin Cement.

The sand-making plant of Nanchang Mineral Systems is not only simple in process and high in integration, but also has the characteristics of high sand production rate, low circulation and wide adaptability, requiring less maintenance during operation and no drying for outputting finished products. So, the technology is characterized with environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency from the process source, and can greatly reduce the operation cost and labor cost.

The trial production with loads reached 180 tons/hour, which meets the requirements of the customer. The produced 0-5mm fine sand has excellent quality, low powder content and good effect of dust collection.

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